Residents’ happiness and quality of life is our priority. We take the time to get to know residents so that they can continue to live their lives in keeping with their individual lifestyle choice.


Rooms are single occupancy with the exception of 2 with double occupancy.

All rooms contain a selection of furniture and facilities to ensure residents’ comfort. This includes a height adjustable single bed, built-in wardrobe, bedside locker, reading table, lounge chair, plus a wall-mounted TV as standard. Ground floor rooms have doors which open directly on to the garden. There is a Residents Guide in all the bedrooms. This will give details of all the activities including additional services such as hairdressing.

Residents are encouraged to bring special items from home to personalise their environment.


Wygram has lots of indoor and outdoor space.  Enclosed landscaped garden and courtyards make a lovely outdoor space for our residents to enjoy.  Residents have lots of opportunities to enjoy  the outdoors sitting in the sunshine, reading, walking and many other activities.

Social Engagement

Communal rooms and breakout spaces provide opportunities for social engagement. A wide range of indoor and outdoor activities are available to meet residents’ needs and interests. There is something for everyone. Particular emphasis is placed on activities that promote physical, cognitive, spiritual and social wellbeing. These include music, art, dance, baking, gardening, group physiotherapy, baking, holistic therapies, flower arranging, current affairs, specialised dementia therapies and many more.

Local Community

The local community is very much a part of life at Wyrgam. Our prime location enables our residents to remain part of the community.

Local primary schools and transition year students regularly visit particularly for seasonal celebrations.

Local walks and trips to the Wexford Opera festival are favourites with our residents.

Location Map

Wygram Nursing Home, Davitt Road North, Wexford Town, Co. Wexford. Y35 H6P1

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